Not Finding the Job You Want?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking. If you are currently involved in a job hunt, networking should be an integral part of your strategic plan. Learn how to network effectively. If you are hesitant or perhaps shy, begin slowly. Practice with friends or family to raise your confidence. Then take the plunge. Realize that the best way to get over your fear of networking is to just do it. The more you network, the better you’ll become at this essential skill.

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The 10 Best Job Search Websites

Check out PC Mags list of best job search websites:
10 Best Job Search Websites
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Unconventional Approach to Your Resume

Harvard Business Review has a great article about taking a looking at your career path and taking an unconventional approach to achieving your career goals.

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salary negotiation

Salary Negotiation

Have you every applied for a job and been asked to provide your salary requirements? Are you currently interviewing and trying to figure out the salary range for a specific position? For most positions in the private sector this is a game of how much can I get, or how little can we pay you from the employers point of view.

While salary ranges are public record private industry doesn't always allow you to see the salary range for a given position. Luckily, there is help and if you are a little creative you can figure out the range at which you are applying for. There are now a whole host of great site out there that let you find out (in general) who specific positions pay within a given company. is a great example of one such place.

These and other tools are great ways to go in that much smarter before you start negotiating salary or prior to even interviewing. If you are heading down this road and need advice or simply would like guidance during your interview process let one of our professionals help you along the way.

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